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Garden Lakes Chiropractic, welcomes you to our practice. As a leading chiropractor in the West Phoenix/Avondale area, we want to make it as easy as possible to help you achieve your optimal health. That's why we've developed this information-rich website – to prepare you for visiting our practice and to keep you informed about the best health practices available. On these pages, you'll find information about our operations (such as hours and payment policies) along with a complete library of information about leading chiropractic diagnoses, treatments and technologies related to your health.

Our clinic also offers 30/60/90 minutes massage therapy.

Laser treatment is an option available other than drugs, surgery, or shots!!
Helping people live more active and pain free lives.
Noninvasive, no side effects, and no dangers.
Laser therapy creates rapid healing of the injured tissues, cell regeneration, reduces pain and swelling.
The research in the treatment of cold laser therapy is having a profound effect on patients suffering from pain. This therapy has been tested for 40 years, and showing amazing results in damaged tissue regeneration, decreasing inflammation, relieving pain, and boosting the immune system, allowing you to live a more active lifestyle.
If you suffer from pain and feel you are a candidate for this therapy contact our office to schedule an appointment. Email or Call Today to schedule your $35 pain evaluation/consultation. (This charge will be applied to your first treatment).

Our office hopes you will return to this site whenever you have a question about your health and well being. We also encourage you to contact our office – either by phone 623-877-0156 or email at [email protected] – to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you to keep your body healthy!